Écharpe caviar anthracite noir de Pure laine vierge

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Orange Cashmere and vrigin wool woven scarf for men and women. 
164cm*30cm or 60cm in hand rolled with a silk thread finition, or just hand fringed finition?
Your scarf is exclusive,  sophisticated and extra soft.
Exclusive and in limited edition 

제조 지연 : 이 제품은 더 이상 제공되지 않습니다.

  • 160*30 cm
  • 160*60 cm
  • Hand-fringed
  • 손으로 압연 한


한정판의 끝!



Écharpe caviar anthracite noir de Pure laine vierge

Orange scarf, ultra soft, 70% cashmere and 30% pure virgin wool lamb, a real sweetness for men and women.

Limited edition !

A sublime, luxurious scarf with an incomparable touch that does not sting, it is a magnificent magnificent fabric extremely soft luminous and silky more, the orange color brings a touch so unique that will brighten up your big winter coats and especially will enliven the big ones Cold ducks for this winter!

This version is 2m long and 40 or 80 cm

The finish is also optional, either with very small fringes on the sides, or hand-woven with a silk thread from the Maison AuverAsoie.

The fabric of your scarf

Sublime, this tailored fabric, luxurious and refined fabric, with tight weaving forming diagonals in relief. With an extra soft hand, inimitable, incomparable and seductive one can not help but caress and take a real happiness!

A weight of 320gr / m brings you the weight necessary for the cold duck while remaining fluid, very flexible and very light to carry. A genuine happiness of softness and lightness that will brighten your neck.

His touch is incomparable

Synonymous with luxury, the prestige of cashmere is due to its finesse and its thermoregulatory capacity. Comes from cashmere goat. The goats are combed and not shorn, which is why the hair is harvested in the spring when the animal tends to lose it.

The cashmere is endowed with a good capacity of insulation and a suppleness that facilitates the movement, the cashmere is a unavoidable for the winter and in addition, this color orange is even rarer than one must not hesitate, Just one second, and quickly brighten up your coat this winter!

Composition: 70% Cashmere and 30% Pure Wool Virgin of Lamb

To preserve all the prestigious quality of your scarf, philippe Gaber recommend the Dry Cleaning.

In no case a fabric exclusive tailor in such prestigious compositions, like a cashmere or pure virgin lambswool, is not intended to be placed in the machine.

That's why it's important to bring greater attention.

After use, always untie your scarf and store preferably laid flat without the pleats, or hung on a hanger.

Do not hang your scarf on the hook of a coat hanger to avoid unsightly distortion.

If your scarf is wrinkled, you can board safely.

I recommend you use a piece of cotton (wet leg) between your scarf and iron, to avoid burning or polish your scarf.

You can use steam moderation.

True luxury, would it not wearing a limited edition scarf, made especially for you, in Paris, by philippegaber.

You are certain, do not end up with millions of people who wear the same thing as you!

Each scarf is made of a fabric of fabrics exclusive Tailor whether, tissue derived from the French know-how of the time, often woven with now extinct processes or in a tissue English prestigious share their expertise and craftsmanship.

These fabrics are always in small amounts because it will be impossible to find them later, so that your scarf becomes your exclusive limited edition in a single fabric.

The French fabrics, unique and exclusive woven in Sedan, Reims, Roubaix (signed Noblet for example) ...

Rare because the draperies in Roubaix (for pure virgin wool) and those in Sedan (for wool, cashmere), have completely disappeared since 1960.