Your initials embroidered on your scarf

Make a gift, or treat yourself to a unique and personalized luxury by embroidering your initials on your philippegaber scarf. Make the choice of discrete tone-on-tone initials (color close to the color of the scarf).
The initials are only embroidered on a scarf from the philippegaber collection. The scarf is sold separately, it is not included in this option.

제조 지연 : 이 제품은 더 이상 제공되지 않습니다.

* 필수 입력 사항


  • 1 to 4 letters
  • 5 to 10 letters
  • More than 10 letters ( Max 16 )
  • Black 1800
  • Grey 1589
  • Grey 1575
  • Grey 1613
  • white
  • Navy 1044
  • Blue 1775
  • Blue 1776
  • Blue 1550
  • Taupe 1736
  • Beige 1812
  • Red
  • Pink 1309
  • Pink 1941
  • Ton on Ton
  • Style 1 15mm
  • Style 1 20mm
  • Times 15mm **
  • Times 10mm


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Your initials embroidered on your scarf

The typography

The default character is a typography (helvetica) always in upper case and in italics, with a height of 15mm or 20mm. The width varies according to the number of letters (2 letters you must count a width of 40mm

The color of the thread used

The thread is resistant and silky

The thread is labeled Confiance Textile OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label to guarantee the human-ecological qualities of textiles and yarn: free of toxic substances for the body and for the environment.

If you want a different color do not hesitate to contact philippegaber.

The philippegaber scarves do not wash in machine unless explicitly stated on the product page.

Philippe Gaber uses a film that fades to the heat as internal and external support for the embroidery and this so that the letters can have a better support. It can remain a slight trace of the film but this one will fade very quickly or on simple ironing.


The initials are embroidered only on a philippegaber scarf.
The scarf is sold separately and is not included in this option, it must be added and selected from the category scarves from philippegaber.
After choosing your scarf (size and color) and adding it to the basket,

You can now add your initials

To do this, simply:

1 - Enter your initials in the text field from:

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z accepted: the point. Or the dash -

  For example: AB or AVD

2 - CLICK ON Save

3 - Choose the color of the Wire

4 - and to finish add to Cart

5 - Check the information in the summary of your order 

Embroidering your initials on your scarf is considered a personalization, in this case, the right of withdrawal can not apply, in accordance with the provisions of article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code: withdrawal is excluded (Article 121-20.2, 3rd subparagraph) for contracts for the supply of goods which are clearly personalized or made according to the consumer's specifications, in particular for custom-made and non-standard goods.

The embroidered scarves are not refundable nor exchangeable because of the personalization and therefore the impossibility of reselling the scarf with your initials embroidered on it. Not reimbursed (exchanged on certain conditions - see with philippegaber)