Organic heater black sweatshirt made in France

Organic sweatshirt for men and women in organic cotton GOTS certified, ultra soft touch, super comfortable because the inside is scratched. A luxury organic sweatshirt of rare quality.

The sweatshirt is available in Heather black. Modele to choose Sweatshirt for men and women. 

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  • XS / 32
  • S / 34
  • M SLIM / 36
  • M / 38
  • L SLIM / 40
  • L / 42
  • XL / 44





Organic heater black sweatshirt made in France

Compose your Organic sweatshirt in a luxury heater dark grey organic Gots cotton, for men and women.

Your organic sweatshirt, made for your order, by Philip Gaber in Paris, gives you an elegant silhouette with its slightly tailored fit without being too tight-fitting or too tight.

The bottom of the wrists and lower sweatshirt slightly tightened, elegantly structuring your figure while remaining extremely comfortable.

A sweatshirt Philippe Gaber, is contemporary and modern, far too wide a hoodies whose bottom and sleeves float without highlighting your figure

Raglan sleeves are the hallmark of a true sweatshirt, also not with a round armhole is called, a sweater and not a sweatshirt.

3 folds, are the 3 P of Philip Gaber. They are also a nod to the tricolor..

Affixed wrist sleeve of your sweater, this detail ensures that each product has been designed and manufactured by Philip Gaber in his studio in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. This distinctive sign reminds that this shirt was made especially for you in response to your request..

As your hoody is cut and manufactured to your order, you can request, without charge, a handle length and lower sweat: shorter or longer. So you do wear a sweater in a standard that does not correspond with the sleeves too long or too often short, which is totally unsightly.

Your sweatshirt is in a tight knit of rare quality and GOTS certified.

This luxury knitting, of rare quality and a weight of 260 grams, is breathable, light to carry and very gentle on the skin, because inside the sweat scratched for ultimate comfort and extreme softness to the touch. .

Elegant color, mottled effect is obtained when knitting mixing two different colors, for this structured and graphic effect. The brushed interior is colored cotton flower (unbleached) except for black and navy blue.

The Organic Cotton is knitted in a workshop in Turkey in an environmentally responsible company and GOTS certified, also have an important social commitment to its employees working in excellent conditions.

One of the criteria of the Goths with labeling specifications extremely sets. In addition to being environmentally responsible in the whole process: spinning, natural dyeing, knitting, clean energy, water recycling, no chemicals and therefore released into rivers for example.


100% Organic Cotton GOTS certified
RIB 95% Organic Cotton + 5% Spandex GOTS certified


Gots, is the worldwide reference in terms of evaluation of biological fibers, incorporating social and ecological aspects based on independent certification of the entire supply chain.

This label ensures the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials, through the production manager of a social and environmental point of view to provide a reliable guarantee to the final consumer.

Philippegaber not only committed to the quality and importance of our Made in France, but it is also an ethical brand.  

Manufacturing in Paris is also environmentally friendly, no need huge container ships crossing the globe to deliver products at philippegaber.

At philippegaber each sweatshirt is cut and assembled to order.

Therefore, there is a period of manufacture indicated on the product page. You should not wait for other customers buy the same product for which it is manufactured.

So PhilippeGaber prepares each order carefully in his Paris studio, cut in fabrics chosen by himself, in the manufacture of your product through packaging, personal note to deposit your office package post.

Because it is important for him to be able to supervise every detail of the manufacturing process, so that he can create something of quality, staff, eco-friendly and completely unique to you.

It is for this reason that Philip Gaber strives to design its products on demand so that your tie, your sweatshirt or t-shirt is the right length for example.

All products, handmade ties, scarves, sweatshirts Organic T-Shirts Organic, accessories are proudly designed and manufactured here in Paris by Philippe Gaber!


Chest / Bust : 81 cm / Us 32
Neck: 37
Man size FR : 44  
Man size UK/ US : 32 
Woman size FR : 34
Woman size US : 2/4


Chest / Bust : 87 cm / Us 34
Neck: 39
Man size FR : 46 
Man size UK/ US : 36
Woman size FR : 34
Woman size US : 2/4


Chest / Bust : 92 cm / Us 36
Neck: 40
Man size FR : 48
Man size UK/ US : 36
Woman size FR : 36
Woman size US : 6


Chest / Bust : 97 cm / Us 38
Neck: 41
Man size FR : 50
Man size UK/ US : 38
Woman size FR : 38
Woman size US : 8


Chest / Bust : 102 cm / Us 40
Neck: 41
Man size FR : 50
Man size UK/ US : 40
Woman size FR : 40
Woman size US : 10


Chest / Bust : 107 cm / Us 42
Neck: 42
Man size FR : 52
Man size UK/ US : 40
Woman size FR : 42
Woman size US : 12


Chest / Bust : 112 cm / Us 44
Neck: 43
Man size FR : 54
Man size UK/ US : 44
Woman size FR : 44
Woman size US : 14


Chest / Bust : 116cm
Encolure / chemise: 44
Man size FR : 56
Man size UK/ US : 46 
Woman size FR : 46
Woman size US : 16

Wash and iron your sweater on backwards. Drying in the open air on a wire or flat in the shade.

The shrinkage rate is max. 5%.

Do not put in dryer. No laundering. In a gesture more responsible, avoid using fabric softener.

Replace it in the tray provided for this purpose by white vinegar, eco-trick from my grandmother. Indeed, vinegar restores radiance to your colors, your laundry relaxed and softens water.

It is a natural softener that makes your soft cloth and a perfect descaling for your machine, 100% natural and organic!

In addition, your machine will not feel under any circumstances vinegar because the vinegar is initially used to deodorize a fabric.