Parisian gray Pure wool Merino scarf 200cm

A gray scarf 2M*37cm or 78cm for men and women 100% pure Virgin Merino wool of extreme softness and elegance.

Wrap it around your neck and let yourself be rocked by its softness, its reflections during your walks on gray Parisian cobblestones.

The version of the scarf on the picture is the model 2m*78cm
(model recommended by Philippe for the cold duck)

Availability: 1-2 days*

  • 200*37cm
  • 200 * +/- 78cm
  • Fringed
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Parisian gray Pure wool Merino scarf 200cm

écharpe luxe en pure laine vierge Mérinos pour l'homme et la femme philippe gaber

Gray Parisian cobblestones Pure Wool Merino scraf 

Of a very very good quality, very close to the softness of cashmere, extremely soft, it does not sting!

Real happiness of sweetness around the neck, it will not leave you any more!

Wrap it up and let yourself be lulled by its softness, its reflections during your walks on the pavements Parisiens.

A so chic and luxury scarf, perfect for cold Parisian duck and as an accessory in the evening on a city outfit but also worn more casual on a more casual look.

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Composition: 100% PURE MERINO WOOL 


To preserve all the prestigious quality of your scarf, I recommend Dry Cleaning.

Under no circumstances is an exclusive tailoring fabric, in such prestigious compositions, such as a cashmere or pure virgin lamb wool, to be put to the machine.

That is why it is important to pay the greatest attention to it.

After use, always unfasten your scarf and store it preferably laid flat without marking the folds, or hanging on a hanger.

Do not hang your scarf on the hook of a coat door to avoid unsightly deformation.

If your scarf is wrinkled, you can iron it.

I recommend using a piece of cotton (wet leg) between your scarf and the iron, to avoid burning or polishing your scarf.

You can use steam.