Square Gardette organic t-shirt with embroidered initials Made in France by Philippe Gaber

Square Gardette organic t-shirt for men and women with embroidered initials
T-shirt made and embroidered from my studio 71 RUE SAINT MAUR

Ethical and timeless organic T-shirt, offered in limited edition and made in a GOTS certified cotton jersey of a rare quality, with an ultra soft touch, a super comfortable worn. 

Manufacturing delays: 5-8 days*

  • Natural
  • Black
  • Light grey
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  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • STYLE NB 20mm STYLE NB 20mm
  • Style M4 ( 20mm) Style M4 ( 20mm)
  • style M5 ( 20mm) style M5 ( 20mm)
  • Navy 1044
  • Blue 1776
  • Blue 1550
  • Taupe 1736
  • Beige 1812
  • Red
  • Pink 1309
  • Pink 1941
  • Ton on Ton
  • White
  • Grey 1351
  • Grey 501
  • Grey 1465
  • 1330
  • Grey 1589
  • Black
  • Blue 1182
  • Bleu 1197
  • Blue 1253
  • 1030
  • 1095
  • 670
  • 61428
  • PINK 1109
  • Red 500
  • 1 to 4 letters
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Square Gardette organic t-shirt with embroidered initials

T-shirt Bio Made in France, Tee-shirt bio fleur de coton Gots homme femme, mode éthique fabriqué à Paris par Philippe Gaber

Square Gardette

Men's and women's organic t-shirt with embroidered initials

Square Gardette, is a small typical Parisian park, located just next to the Rue Saint Maur workshop.

I like to go through the seasons to recharge my batteries in all simplicity and know how to get back to the basics of things to restart better, without details or flourishes, let me guide under the sun or the snow, observe this beautiful little place of details made of tree, flowers and birds very daring. He brought me this simple element that makes us feel good, sometimes I think it's very good too to be simple and to go to the very essence of what we are.

The square Gardette t-shirt, is for the man and the woman, organic, ethical but and especially made by me with simplicity but with a huge passion.

It can vary according to my little moments that inspire me either it is assembled with thread or decorated with an embroidery created and made by me. It is the basis for all but also the beginning of a story or a new chapter, a new season, it vogue to the desires while remaining timeless and timeless.

Like all my T-shirts, it's finished for the bottom and the bottom of the sleeves with an exclusive point, extensible while being resistant, far from simple basic and easy finish that one finds on all the T-shirts.

In this version, it can be personalized with your embroidered initials

Your organic t-shirt is ethical and luxurious, because it is made Organic Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton and of a rare quality.

With a weight of 180 grams it offers an ultra soft feel, ultimate comfort and a really nice wearing. Your t-shirt gives you an elegant silhouette thanks to its slightly fitted cut without being too tight or too tight.

The round neck of your T-shirt is cut so that the collar does not rise too high and does not tighten your neck.
The short sleeves are not too tight or too wide cut edge rolled to your moods.

The finishing of the cuffs and the bottom of the t-shirt is made by a unique extensible stitching and super solid (point secret and exclusive philippegaber).

The elegant color of your Organic T-shirt is attained when knitting two yarns together to create a heather effect through a series of random streaks that change from a light shade to a darker shade.

Fabric :

T-shirt: 100% COTON 'Textile Biologique' 
Col Rond : RIB 1x1 (95% Coton Bio - 5% Spandex) 'Textile Biologique' 
TISSU Certifié GOTS  CERES-076

Manufacturing :


T-SHIRT MADE IN FRANCE: YES, because All the operations that follow the cut of the fabric of your sweatshirt are carried out on the French territory by Philippe Gaber, Location: ATELIER 75011 PARIS


The embroidery thread

The embroidery thread is high quality made of 100% viscose (non natural silk)

ENKA viscose is a natural product: The basic material, cellulose, is made of sustainably produced wood and processed into high quality viscose yarn at different production levels according to ecological requirements. Biodegradable!

It is resistant delicate and very silky. An embroidery made with SULKY® yarn will keep its shine for years. The origin of these benefits comes from the manufacturing process that preserves the environment and retains the natural resources of the yarn.

If you want another color do not hesitate to contact philippegaber.

The yarn is labeled OEKO-TEX® Textile Confidence Standard 100 N ° BXX20718, OEKO-TEX® is a label aimed at guaranteeing the humano-ecological qualities of textiles and yarn: free from toxic products for the body and the environment.


1- Enter your initials in CAPITAL LETTERS: 2 LETTERS
  The . (Point) between the letters is not accepted for a technical question on the t-shirt (contact Philippe Gaber if you have any hesitation or question)


3 - Choose the size of your organic T-shirt
4 - Choose the color of your organic T-shirt

4 - Choose the character style for your initials

5 - Choose the color of the thread to embroider for your initials

6 - and finally add to Cart

7 - Check the information in the summary of your order: check the letters entered, the color and especially the chosen character style.

The initials are only embroidered on a t-shirt made by philippegaber

You have the choice among the different styles of characters for which each style has its technical explanation in terms of dimensions height and width.

Your T-shirt is in a tight knit of a rare quality and certified Global Organic Textile Standard. A jersey with an ultra soft touch.

The organic cotton jersey of your T-shirt is knitted in a workshop in Portugal by an eco-responsible, GOTS-certified company that also has a strong social commitment to its employees working in excellent conditions. One of the criteria of the label with a specification extremely defined

takes into account the entire textile production process, covering:

Integrity and traceability of raw materials
The respect of environment
Consumer health
Social criteria

The mention 'Organic Textiles': requires that 95% of the fibers come from organic farming


Wash and iron your sweatshirt on the wrong side.
Dry in the open air on a wire or flat in the shade.
Do not tumble dry. No whitening.

For a more responsible gesture, avoid using the fabric softener. Replace it in the tray provided for this purpose with white vinegar!

Indeed, vinegar is used to purify the laundry, eliminates a lot of stains and eliminates odors while preserving the colors and above all, it is a natural softener that softens the water and makes your laundry softer more , and at the same time descaling your machine, 100% natural and organic!

To remove all grease stains, use Sommières clay (powdered stone, Montmorillonite) It is a 100% natural and ecological clay, safe for man and the environment.
Sprinkle a small pile of Sommières earth on your task and let it work overnight. The grease stain will peel off and come to nestle in the powder. Finally, to remove residues, shake the fabric or brush.
This treatment can be renewed as many times as necessary because it will not damage the tissue.

The shrinkage rate of your organic sweatshirt is up to 5%.