small Brown wool & silk woven scraf

pure virgin wool scarf & Silk, pattern micro-fantasy blend yarn: black, white and brown. Very bright and an extra soft hand that seduces and invites the touch.

160 * 30cm Or 60cm  finish as your choices.

Limited edition of 20 copies

Manufacturing delays: End of limited edition for this version !

  • 160*30 cm
  • 160*60 cm
  • Hand-fringed
  • bias tape finish ( 2 edges )


End of limited Edition



small Brown wool & silk woven scraf

Black brown fancy micro patterns 80% lambswool & silk 20% for men and women 
limited edition of 20 scarves

Length: 160(will also be available as long 2M scarf)

Width: 30 cm or 60 cm

the bottom of the scarf is the original edge

A scarf So chic and luxury, perfect as accessory evening on attire worn more casual but also on a more casual look.

The fabric 

Very bright, with beautiful reflections, an extra soft hand that seduces and invites contact, the fabric is luxurious, precious, refined and exceptional.

The fabric is a fabric tailor reflection of French know-how of the time (often woven with now extinct processes).

Its micro-fancy pattern is a son of mixing 4 colors (blue, gray, white and black) form a graphic pattern.

Fluid and flexible, super nice soft to wear and 260g / m.

Treat it and stick to it knowing that you own a most exclusive scarf.

Composition: 20% Silk + 80% Pure New Wool

To preserve all the prestigious quality of your scarf, I recommend the Dry Cleaning.

In no case a fabric exclusive tailor in such prestigious compositions, like a cashmere or pure virgin lambswool, is not intended to be placed in the machine.

That's why it's important to bring greater attention.

After use, always untie your scarf and store preferably laid flat without the pleats, or hung on a hanger.

Do not hang your scarf on the hook of a coat hanger to avoid unsightly distortion.

If your scarf is wrinkled, you can board safely.

I recommend you use a piece of cotton (wet leg) between your scarf and iron, to avoid burning or polish your scarf.

You can use steam moderation.