Dark grey herringbone wool, silk & coton woven scarf

Superb scarf blend of pure virgin silk wool and cotton, extra soft and especially very luminous, Tissu cutter rare, exclusive and French. Available in 2M * 37cm or 74cm (soon in 160cm * 30) the finishes are optional
Unique this scarf seduces as soon as it is worn as radiant, silky and really refined.
Very limited edition!

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Dark grey herringbone wool, silk & coton woven scarf

Beautiful scarf luxury blend of Pure Virgin Wool, Silk and Cotton, herringbone pattern for men and women.

Very bright scarf with beautiful and silky reflections

This scarf, I propose it in version of 2M long.
They are really exclusive and available in very limited quantities.

The width for your scarf is either 37 cm or 74 cm
The finish is at your choice and according to your affinity

- A fringed finish by hand on the 4 sides, two sides black thread and the bottom it is an anthracite and pearl gray. The version 74cm has on a length the edge of original sign of the quality of the weaving.

- A finish with a black cotton bias made in France, on both sides for the version 37cm, or on one side, for the 74cm version because the other length of the scarf is the original border.

The hand-rolled finish is with a silk thread. (Silk thread of the French House, AuVerAsoie, founded in 1820), roulotté on both sides for the version 37cm or on one side for the version 74cm because, the other side, is the edge of origin of the weaving.

Fabric of your scarf

It is an eclusive, rare and French fabric, which is no longer manufactured to this day.

This superb fabric tailor is a mixture of 65% pure virgin wool, 25% silk and 10% cotton.
Are weaving mix of 3 threads of different colors: 1 black thread, 1 anthracite thread and 1 gray wire Perle
Forming very small rafters on a wire-to-wire basis. The rafters are in pearl gray thread.

With a super soft hand, pleasant, with a beautiful aplomb, a touch that immediately seduces and which surprise us when we surround it around the shot because of its softness but especially when one discovers its brightness and reflections slightly Ice. It takes light and becomes beautiful.

Commandez votre sweat-shirt made in France en coton bio Gots rose, écru ou bleu ciel pour l'homme et la femme. Sweat-shirt fabriqué à Paris par PhilippeGaber.

To preserve all the prestigious quality of your luxury scarf, I recommend Dry Cleaning.

In any case, an exclusive tailoring fabric, in such prestigious compositions, such as cashmere or pure virgin lamb wool, is not intended to be put to the machine.

That is why it is important to pay the utmost attention to it.

After use, always undo your scarf and store it preferably laid flat without marking the folds, or hanging on a hanger.

Do not hang your scarf on the hook of a coat door to avoid unsightly deformation.

If your scarf is wrinkled, you can iron it with care.

I recommend using a piece of cotton (wet leg) between your scarf and the iron, to avoid burning or polishing your scarf.

You can use steam in moderation.