Lambswool dark blue with pinstripres scraf

Superb flannel scarf from Pure Wool Virgin of Lamb. Luxury scarf extra soft, bright, night blue color with fine white stripes.

Vertical stripes for version 2m*80cm
and Horizontal stripes for version 160*30cm

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Lambswool dark blue with pinstripres scraf

Luxurious scarf, 100% Pure wool Virgin of lamb pinstripes night blue, is a real happiness of sweetness for the man and the woman.

A sublime, luxurious scarf with incomparable touch that does not sting, it is a magnificent magnificent fabric extremely soft and luminous silky.

Version presented in the picture: 2M * 80cm

160cm version : the stripes are HORIZONTAL and the bottom of the scarf is the original selvedge.

The 2M version is hand-fringed on all 4 sides

The fabric of your luxury scarf pinstripes

Sublime fabric, this flannel tailored fabric of Pure Virgin Wool of Lamb is the blend of English and French know-how. It is also a wink of the Italian spirit, carried by the most famous gangsters, but also to the very famous English Dandy and finally to the famous trader and business man New York.

Fine white lines that cross the fabric called "pinstripes" pattern, as if it were drawn directly to white chalk tailor. Here the stripe is woven in a net, the line of which consists of small dots (a sequence of dots) thus forming the stripe. The stripes are 5mm apart, and are very refined and a sign of rigorous elegance.

The flannel of pure virgin wool, is close to a worsted wool, which has been softened before its weaving by painting it, and subsequently which has been slightly scraped to put you forward all the softness of pure wool Virgin.

The fabric is very close to a cashmere because of its superb luminosity and its touched, it is observed that the hair of lamb have been rigorously chosen to woven this fabric.

The result is a superb fall, a very nice applomb, while having a fluidity with its weight of 260gr / m, necessary weight for the cold duck.

A true sweetness that will bring the graphic touch and very elegant to your dandy look, or maybe to your little side gangster ..

The designation of "pure virgin wool" corresponds to a product to which only 0.3% of other fibers have been added, ie without recycled wool and without any other fiber.

Composition :100% de Pure laine Vierge d'agneau

To preserve all the prestigious quality of your luxury scarf, I recommend Dry Cleaning.

In no case can your scarf be washed in the washing machine or in the dryer

That is why it is important to pay the greatest attention to it.

After use, always unfasten your scarf and store it preferably laid flat without marking the folds, or hanging on a hanger.

Do not hang your scarf on the hook of a coat door to avoid unsightly deformation.

If your scarf is wrinkled, you can iron it carefully.

I recommend using a piece of cotton (wet leg) between your scarf and the iron, to avoid burning or polishing your scarf.

You can use steam in moderation.