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philippe gaber marque éthique made in France fabriqué à Paris avec éthique

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Made in Paris Since 2009


It is in 2009 that Philippe Gaber officializes his eponymous brand.

He adds "manufactured in Paris" to indicate that all the products are made in his Atelier located at 71 rue Saint Maur in Paris.

It is important for him to be able to oversee all the details of the manufacturing process, so he can create something quality, personal, eco-responsible and quite unique to you. Philippe Gaber is dedicated to designing and managing the manufacture of all his products, from the first stroke of the pencil on the sketch to the last sewing point.

Each product offered exclusively in limited edition to, allow you, not to look like what the whole earth carries!

An ethical, personal, exclusive fashion, specially made for you and especially 100% MADE IN FRANCE!

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Not only, Philippe Gaber, is committed to the quality and importance of our Made in France, but it is also an ethical eco-responsible brand and above all a transparent brand.

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Philippe Gaber, pays particular attention to every detail while developing his approach and ethical products for both the environment and human health.Transparency as to the origin of the materials used to make your products.

For all that is sweat-shirt, T-shirts, Handkerchief, for Philippe Gaber, it is not enough to say bio because, they are all necessarily realized in fabrics with the mention 'Organic Textile' certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

GOTS, takes into account the entire textile production process, covering the integrity and traceability of raw materials, respect for the environment, consumer health, social criteria for each certified company.

A Gots label is an extremely defined and loaded specification because everything is scrutinized to the smallest details.

The mention 'Organic textiles' requires that 95% of the fibers come from organic farming.Moreover, a 100% Parisian fashion and proximity, is very respectful of the environment because Philippe Gaber minimizes its environmental impact.

Indeed, by choosing to make each order himself from his workshop in Paris, he does not need, for example, trucks or container carriers that transport the products for each stage of manufacture in France and elsewhere, borders.


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Chez Philippe Gaber, chaque geste & détail compte ! 

For Philippe Gaber, there is no more important than transparency, especially as regards the manufacture and origin of your products.

Integral manufacturing in Paris is also respectful of the environment

Indeed, by choosing to make each order himself from his workshop in Paris, he does not need, for example, trucks or container holders, who transport the products for each stage of manufacturing whether in France and elsewhere, Borders. 

Philippe Gaber, pays particular attention to the smallest details and minimizes its environmental impact as a manufacturer in Paris, while developing its ethical approach for both the environment and human health.

Because every gesture counts!

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Philippe Gaber 

Born on the other side of the border, somewhere in Belgium. He studied 5 years at La Cambre Mode(s) in Brussels.

His collections for men are noticed by TD and Philippe will present this one at Come See the Light 1998 and the Barclay Catwalk Vision of Emerging Int'l Designer 1999 in Zurich, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Spotted in 2000 by a large couture house in Paris, he obtained a position as assistant studio for Mens collections ready to wear. This is the occasion for him to settle in Paris.

He later worked for various luxury brands as artistic director and creative consultant. It will meet new challenges by creating an inseparable link between fashion, clothing, a collection, communication, perfume, communication, strategy and marketing.

Rich in all these experiences and passionate about know-how, the "Made in France", masculine elegance, he creates his first products in 2008 before formalizing his eponymous brand through his online store in 2009.

While devoting himself to his brand, he shares his experiences and knowledge, as well as his passions on know-how, luxury and "made in France" with future fashion talents, professionals, his clients and all enthusiasts.

In 2012, Delphine Parickmiller will present Philippe Gaber to the public through his documentary: Le Made in France, the great illusion? (Released May 27, 2012, France 5).

In 2015, Philippe Gaber is interviewed about his brand on BFMTV in Paris is with You: Crafts, Luxury crafts.