Eco-responsible craftsman since 2009, Philippe Gaber personally manufacture all his products, from the first stroke of the sketch to the last stitch.

Not only is philippegaber committed to the quality and importance of our Made in France, but it is also an ethical brand that is eco-responsible and above all transparent.

Transparency & Ethics since 2009


Sweat, T-shirt, linen, Jeans: 'Biologic textil' GOTS 

Thread sewing :  OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100



Natural Silk thread : AU VER A SOIE Founded in 1820 and Living Heritage Company.

Packaging / Paper :  FRANCE - recycled FSC + ECOLABEL

Silk Paper : FRANCE - FSC 

Satin Packaging Ribbon : Polyester recyclable 

Light in the Atelier : Led 


Manufacturing : 

All the operations which follow the cutting of the fabric of the product are carried out on French territory and more precisely:

Creation / design / 
Pattern / gradations : ATELIER 75011 PARIS

Cut /
Manufacture /  
handmade / FINITIONS : ATELIER 75011 PARIS 


Packing + delyvery start : ATELIER 75011 PARIS 

Industrial Sewing machine - low energy

For Philippe Gaber, there is no more important than transparency, especially as regards the manufacture and origin of your products.

Integral manufacturing in Paris is also respectful of the environment

Indeed, by choosing to make each order himself from his workshop in Paris, he does not need, for example, trucks or container holders, who transport the products for each stage of manufacturing whether in France and elsewhere, Borders. 

Philippe Gaber, pays particular attention to the smallest details and minimizes its environmental impact as a manufacturer in Paris, while developing its ethical approach for both the environment and human health.

Because every gesture counts!

'Organic textil' Global Organic Textile Standard certified

For sweatshirts, T-shirts, cotton jeans the batiste of handkerchiefs see linen.

They must be imperative and exclusively certified GOTS / ECOCERT.

GOTS is the abbreviation for GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD, the GOTS repository takes into account the entire textile production process, covering:

Integrity and traceability of raw materials

The respect of environment 

Consumer Health

Social criteria

The mention 'Biological textiles': requires 95% of the fibers to come from organic farming

Philippe Gaber demands the total traceability of the fabric until the moment when he receives it and will cut to make your order. 

In 2017, Philippe Gaber, reinforces all his ethical and clean approach and develops at all levels the elements that will allow him to gradually obtain also the certification Global Organic Textile Standard / Ecocert.

Sa signature unique : les 3 plis.

The 3 folds, are the 3 P of PhiliPPe Gaber, but also a wink to the tricolor flag.

Applied or integrated, for example, on the wrist of a sweatshirt, the sleeve of a t-shirt.

This distinctive and exclusive sign is, the seal of guarantee that your product is specially manufactured for you, in response to your request, from his workshop at 71 rue Saint-Maur in Paris.

The real luxury would not it be to wear a limited edition product made with ethics, especially for you by philippe gaber?

It is in 2009 that Philippe Gaber officializes his eponymous brand.

He adds "manufactured in Paris" to indicate that all the products are made in his workshop located in the 11th arrondissement of the capital.

It is important for him to be able to oversee all the details of the manufacturing process, so he can create something quality, personal, eco-responsible and quite unique to you.

Philippe Gaber is dedicated to designing and manufacturing each product offered exclusively in limited edition so you do not look like what the whole world carries!

An ethical, personal and exclusive accessory or garment, specially made for you, which allows you to cut your pants more quickly by wearing a sweatshirt with the correct sleeve length or a tie Neither too long nor too short for example.

Indeed, during your order, you have the possibility to specify to Philippe Gaber, the length of sleeve or tie that will suit you perfectly.